Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorce Settlement

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According to RadarOnline, Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to give his soon to be ex-wife Maria Shriver a “very generous divorce settlement.” In fact, the settlement is said to include much more than what is required under California law.

Maria filed for divorce from the actor and governor this past Friday, July 1. The settlement will be discussed among the lawyers over the next couple of months.

Under California law, the assets accumulated during a marriage are to be split 50/50 in the case of divorce. However, according to sources, Schwarzenegger plans to give Shriver much more than that.

The ‘Governator’ is said to be worth roughly $500-750 million. Arnold is said to be offering up such a generous settlement with Shriver being that he realizes how much he has put her through. He is aware that Shriver has been a devoted wife and mother, and realizes that no amount of money can make up for the public embarrassment and betrayal.

Sources say that the divorce will remain private as both parties involved wish it to be so. An insider told reporters that Schwarzenegger is being so generous with Shriver because he wants to demonstrate to his children that he is being held accountable for his actions.

The divorce settlement handled by Shriver’s lawyer Laura Wasser, and Schwarzenegger’s lawyer Bob Kaufman will be conducted by a private judge. Both lawyers have a history of handling high profile clients in a way that allows their privacy to remain intact. Once a settlement has been reached one of the lawyers will report to a court and tell the judge the agreement.

Wasser and Kaufman are said to work extremely well together, and have already made great headway in the settlement discussions. Arnold must formally file a response to Maria’s divorce petition within the next two months according to California law.