Casey Anthony Judge: New Judge Judy?

Associated Press
0528 casey anthony judge
Associated Press

The judge of the famous Casey Anthony trial, Judge Belvin Perry, is gaining attention from people across the country as they watch the trial progress. Many speculate that the judge could have a second career following the trial as a television judge.

According to Popeater, attorney Joey Jackson, who has been covering the trial for Fox News, is among one of the many people who believe Perry is dominating the Casey Anthony trial, shining as the real star.

Perry has been hailed by spectators as a world class judge.  Whether or not he agrees or disagrees with the judge’s rulings he has done a spectacular job at keeping the attorneys in line, and holding them accountable. He has dealt with some of the insane aspects of the case with a steady temperament and has been patient yet rigid in moving the case forward.

Some speculate that Perry’s gestures and mannerisms are ‘Saturday Night Live,’ parody ready. His expressions have caught the attention of viewers, and many agree he is the one of most entertaining aspects of the trial. All he needs is a quirky catch-phrase and he is set for television.

Perry has been on the bench since the late 80’s and has presided over several high profile cases. Many other judges have made their way from the courtroom to the televised online courtroom.

Larry Seidlin, famously tried to parlay his oversight of the Anna Nicole Smith body custody hearing into a gig on the small screen following the conclusion of the trial. However, he is still awaiting a chance to secure his own gig.

If given the offer, Perry could stand to make a fortune acting as a male Judge Judy. Judge Judy Sheindlin is among the highest paid women on television, bringing in approximately $45 million a year for her half-hour program.

Popeater says one Hollywood casting agent has already tried to contact Perry regarding an offer but was told he must wait until the trial is over.