Schwarzenegger Reportedly Bonding With New Son

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a busy man since news of his affair with his longtime maid came to the surface. According to Radar Online, while the divorce with soon to be ex-wife Maria Shriver is pending Schwarzenegger has started attempting a relationship with his new son, Joseph.

After it became public knowledge that Schwarzenegger had fathered a 13-year-old child with his former housekeeper, Mildred Baena, both Mildred and Joseph went into hiding to avoid the press. However, sources report that Schwarzenegger has been making private visits to spend time with the boy and his mother.

“Arnold wants to spend time with Joseph and play more of an active role in his life,” a source told Radar. “In a way, Arnold is relieved that he no longer has to hide the fact that he is Joseph’s father.”

The source also told Radar that while the ‘Governator’ has been making trips to visit Mildred and Joseph, the mother and son have also been spending time at Schwarzenegger’s Brentwood, California home. Schwarzenegger and Joseph are said to be rendering a father-son relationship.

According to Pop Eater, Joseph is said to share a love of cars with his father. Rumors are circulating that the two have been seen driving around his gated community in an array of cars from Schwarzenegger’s collection.

Following the release of Schwarzenegger’s scandal in the media, Joseph was taken out of school for several weeks. Schwarzenegger hopes that as coverage of the story dies down in the following months so that Joseph will be able to return to school in the fall without cameras watching his every move.

For now, Schwarzenegger along with Mildred and Joseph, are keeping their meetings private. Although Mildred and Joseph have been able to escape the media for the most part, it’s clear that Schwarzenegger and Shriver are receiving much more coverage. The couple has recently filed for divorce, and Schwarzenegger is offering Shriver a gracious sum of money.