Jerry Seinfeld Joins Twitter

Jerry Seinfeld
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Unlike your everyday Twitter user, celebrities can join the social networking site and in hours amass 100,000 followers.

And that goes for Jerry Seinfeld as well.

The “Seinfeld” funnyman joined Twitter on Friday and sent out his first tweet, announcing his arrival to the Twitter world.

“Greetings Tweetarians!” Seinfeld said on his official Twitter page called SeinTime. “I have just landed on your Planet. This could be my last Tweet.”

An hour later: “Second Tweet! Am I done yet?” he said.

SeinTime had a total of five tweets as of Saturday morning.

Since Twitter has several fake “Jerry Seinfeld” Twitter users, the comedian went with SeinTime, instead, and explained his username to the 118,000 people who are already following him.

“’Sein Time’ is a nickname Chris Rock gave me many years ago,” he explained.

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Seinfeld's first tweet

Twitter has become a place where celebrities interact with their fans throughout the day. Recently retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is known to tweet out videos through the site. And comedians are known to use Twitter to do what they do best: make people laugh.

The star of the popular sitcom also provides a link to his website where he shares videos of past performances and provides his tour date schedule for his many fans.

Although Seinfeld has thousands of followers it might be hard to have him follow you. The comedian was following a total of three people 20 hours after joining Twitter.