Tom Watson Hole-In-One [Video]

Tom Watson
Screenshot from hole-in-one video
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Screenshot from hole-in-one video

Tom Watson might be 61 years old but there still some magic left in that swing of his.

The American golfer made some noise at the Open Championship on Friday with a shot that many golfers dream of.

Standing at the par-3 sixth hole, Watson stroked the ball to the Green where it took one helpful bounce and fell straight into the hole.

“One bounce, slam dunk” is how Watson’s hole-in-one was described.

After the ball fell in Watson raised his arms in the air, high-fived his playing partner Henrik Stenson and then let out a big smile as he turned to the fans.

“Wish I could have seen it go in,” Watson said while walking to the Green.

Watson’s hole-in-one comes after Dustin Johnson aced the 16th hole during the opening round.

“You can’t see it go in. I just saw it on the replay in there,” said the five-time British Open champion, according to the Associated Press. “It was a slam dunk. If it missed the flag it would’ve been 30 feet by. But it was lucky. They’re all lucky when they go in. But that’s what I was aiming at.”

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