Dog Bites Shark (Video)

shark bite
Picture 24
Screenshot of two dogs swimming among sharks

In this shocking video, roles certainly are reversed. The video that went viral this summer, shows a mighty brave dog taking a bite out of a shark.

The video shows two dogs swimming in water while a good number of sharks swim along the shore. The dogs are seen paddling back to shore when one dog does the unthinkable. The brave dog dives underwater attacking the shark.

Luckily, the potentially dangerous shark swims off and no fight ensues– It looks like the dog makes it back to land with all limbs still intact. Although, the shark species in this video is unknown.

As the Huffington Post pointed out, we too think the owners could have shown a bit more concern for their pets.


Hopefully these dogs know the difference between shark and dolphin– after all we now know that dolphins and dogs can be friends. We learned this from the Tory Island dog swimming with a dolphin. A local hotel Labrador can be seen swimming with Dougie the local dolphin most days in Tory Island, Ireland. Check out the video.