Lil Boosie Allegedly Tried to Sneak ‘Sizzurp’ into Prison

Torrence Hatch, better known as rapper “Lil Boosie” allegedly tried to smuggle drugs into prison for the second time, according, GossipOnThis.com. He was indicted for trying to bring the drug beverage, “sizzurp” into The Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

“Sizzurp” is a codeine and soda mixture that Lil Boosie allegedly tried to sneak into the prison along with two other men, Titus Franklin and Arthur Stewart, CBS News reports.

According to the report, Lil Boosie told Stewart to make the drug cocktail, and deliver it to Franklin. Franklin then gave the bottle to who they thought was a security worker at the prison, but turned out to be a state trooper.

Lil Boosie has been in jail since 2009, under the charges of third offense marijuana possession. GossipOnThis.com reports that in June of 2010, he was indicted for first degree murder of Terry Boyd, who was killed in October of 2009. He allegedly hired a sixteen year old, Christopher “Nussie” Jackson to kill Boyd, and paid him. The Inquisitr reports that Boyd was shot in his home, through his window.

What has Lil Boosie been doing during all of his jail cell time? The Inquisitr reports that the 28-year-old rapper released a new album in 2010, “Incarcerated,” which sold 29,000 copies during its first week of release. The album also reached No. 13 on the Billboard charts.


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