StarCraft 2: StarCraft II Patch 1.35 Released, Adds Region Linking

craft e1311342255684A new patch for StarCraft II was released Tuesday, and while most of the changes were minor (except the new blue flame icon, that was big), there was still one big change in there: region linking.

Because the StarCraft II servers are divided by region, players outside of a region can not have any contact with anyone outside of their own region. For instance, if you live in the US, you won’t be playing with anyone from Europe. That hasn’t changed, but now, North American and Latin American players will be in the same region, allowing them to play together.

In addition, Europe and Russia will be linked, as well as Korea and Taiwan. According to Blizzard, the region linking process will begin at the start of Season 3 of ladder play, which is scheduled for the week of July 25.

This is great news for those of us with Latin American friends, but if you haven’t got any or your Latin American friend doesn’t play StarCraft II, you can just skip to the short list of patch notes below:


– Players from Latin America and North America will soon be able to play games together, add each other to their in-game friends list, and compete on the same ladder. For more information on region linking, please visit the official community site.
– Several performance and memory improvements have been made.
– “Player Left” messages will once again appear in replays.
– The Hellion’s Infernal Pre-Igniter upgrade icon has been updated(now with more blue flames!).

StarCraft II Editor Improvements

– UI errors will now go into a newly-created Error Display Message window.
– Cooldowns shorter than 1/4 of a second no longer display on the command card.