Rapper 50 Cent and Author Robert Greene To Release Comic Book Adaptations Of Bestselling Business Books

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Superman, unless your lessons can help out the rest of us, move over– Comics now not only offer entertainment, but also education.

SmartComics was the product of Fanco Arda who created the comic-textbook hybrid in hopes to inspire and reveal keys to success to business leaders and innovators without boring amounts of text.

New to SmartComics, is famous rapper 50 Cent and author, Robert Greene who have licensed the rights to release a comic book adaptation of The 50th Law to SmarterComics.

The 50th Law is a book on strategy, written by 50 Cent and Robert Greene. The book debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list. It inspires fearlessness and success through both examples of 50 Cent and historic mentions including Malcolm x and James Baldwin. The Bestseller will be turned into a comic book and released in 2012 in print and eBook.

“This powerful book is both entertaining and educational, a perfect fit the growing young adult book market, graphic novels in general and last but not least eBook reading,” says Franco Arda, CEO of SmarterComics.

The idea of SmarterComics was to help entertain and empower at the same time, giving insider secrets of business leaders by allowing the visual power of comics help you learn faster and retain information longer.

“In under an hour, these books will help you become more successful in both your professional and personal lives,” says Arda. “We aim to entertain and empower at the same time. Processing pictures are natural to humans; we started learning through pictures at a young age. We tend to absorb visual information better then text. Why not embrace that for business purposes?”