Adrianne Curry Kicked Out Of Comic-Con For Clothing

Photo taken from Twitter
Photo taken from Twitter

Adrianne Curry sported a sexy outfit to Comic-Con, and apparently it was too sexy.

The San Diego Comic-Con sees a ton of dressed up and dressed down women in attendance each year but this year, Curry took the cake.  Curry of “America’s Next Top Model” fame wore a leather costume with both cheeks showing.

She tweeted, “Sex…Latex…..Gunpowder…..Aeon Flux has been here…”

Donning the sexy Aeon Flux costume, Curry was immediately stopped by police and asked to leave. She tweeted, “Just got stopped by a ton of cops.. my costume is illegal…the butt..sigh.” And again, “meet me right now at @hodgesart booth 1133! $60 for a 4 print set of me..autographed by Tom & I..only time2see me as Aeon.cops r making me leave immediatly after my signing…”

She reportedly later returned in a more conventional leather outfit.

Apparently the cops aren’t familiar with the original Aeon Flux outfit, which was strikingly similar to Curry’s.

The science fiction animated television series aired in the 1990’s on MTV and followed a sexy secret agent from Monica, whose mission is to infiltrate a neighboring country.  A film adaptation followed starring Charlize Theron, but disappointing many, she was not wearing such a revealing outift.


, “Topless tanning taken with my friend of honor.”

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