‘Real Housewives Of New York City’ Reunion (Video)

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“Housewives of New York City” / Screenshot from Bravo
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"Housewives of New York City" / Screenshot from Bravo

Last night was another heated Bravo “Housewives” reunion show. This time it brought the New York City gals to the table.

It wasn’t long before the drama unfolded.

“There were multiple times tonight where all seven of us, plus Andy, were talking over each other, and a couple of things got lost in the chatter,” Alex said in her Bravo blog Monday.

“Most reunions are celebrations where people are nervous and eager to see how everyone has evolved. The RHONY reunion show, which is filmed over a full day, in contrast, is literally a free-for-all where women attempt to portray who they think they are,” explained Kelly Bensimon on her Bravo blog following the reunion.

First mention would be LuAnn and Ramona’s brawl of words. “You really gave me some low blows there Ramona,” said LuAnn.

“She’s condescending, she doesn’t see it, that’s the problem, she’s delusional,” said Ramona. Ramona defended herself further, “LuAnn is condescending and she always tries to make like her life is perfect.”

Alex came to Ramona’s aid and added, “You talk behind everybody’s back.”

After the show, Alex took to her Bravo blog to explain, “I’m amazed that LuAnn always looks shocked when people point out that she is often less than gracious and kind to many of us. Either she has memory loss issues, doesn’t watch the show, or has rose-colored glasses on when watching herself on television. Possibly all three?”

Check out the video.

And then there was Kelly, who proved how nice she was by reminding everyone that Cosmopolitan named her one of the top five “nice” celebrities.

Again, Alex explained through her Bravo blog, “Kelly was a study in contradictions tonight. She mentioned that Cosmopolitan listed her as one of the Top 5 nicest celebrities. She is rarely what I’d call “nice” to me, and over lunch she told me she was not a celebrity. After the reunion taping I decided to go find the list, if for no other reason than to see who else was on it. That list is not online, though I did not go so far as to call or email the magazine; my search was limited to Google. Maybe she meant that she was in the nice column on Santa’s list, and wants a subscription to Cosmo in her Christmas stocking.”

Though most would disagree, Kelly took to her own Bravo blog to explain her place on “RHONY,” “This season, I’m known as the voice of reason. I changed my approach with some of these women and tried to find common ground — rather than stealing their crazy thunder. This is one melting pot that should be thrown back on the fire.”

Check out the video.

“Real Housewives of New York City’s” part two airs Aug. 1 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more of the RHONY reunion click here.

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