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MapleStory’s Chaos series is getting a huge update.

According to Joystiq, to conclude the Chaos series, Nexon announced the Age of Triumph, a huge update that brings new content exclusively to players who travel Maple World on Global MapleStory servers.

According to a press release, Age of Triumph will bring players a new storyline called “The Silent Crusade.” It will be a full length quest for players level 37 to 110 and introduce them to a battle force that specializes in eliminating Master Monsters. Players will also be introduced to new NPCs that will help them including one special character that will grab the hearts of players seeking a new romance. The Silent Crusade will be narrated through in-game cutscenes and through tandem battles with NPCs.

Also new is Capture the Flag mode, a new game type where three to six players in two teams will fight for each other’s flag. And lastly, players will have Crusader Codex, which is basically a phonebook of monsters. Players will be able to collect Monster Cards by defeating them and when certain pages are filled the player will receive prizes.

Last month Nexon released a public beta of a MapleStory Adventures as an adaption for Facebook gaming format. The game reportedly consists of mainly single-player but reflects the original MapleStory game.

MapleStory is a free multiplayer online game. It involved role-playing as players travel the “Maple World” battling monsters while developing their characters’ skills. Players are able to interact with each other through chatting, trading and playing “minigames.” Another cool feature is that groups of players can band together in parties to hunt monsters and share the rewards as well as collaborate to form guilds.

Currently, MapleStory has a combined total of over 100 million subscribers and the global game has over 8 million users.



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