Niagara Falls Death: Woman Presumed Dead After Falling Into Water

(Photo: tripadvisor.com)
niagara falls
(Photo: tripadvisor.com)

A young women has been presumed dead after falling off Niagara Falls.

Police have been searching for the body of the missing woman since the fall on Sunday. While observing the view from an area known as Table Rock, the young woman decided to stand on a railing and lost her balance, the LA Times reported. As a result she fell into the fast-moving rapids approximately 80 feet from the falls. Table Rock is located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

The young woman was accompanied by another woman who was with her but was not injured. The women are said to be students in their 20s and the Montreal Gazette reported that they were from the Toronto area. The incident, which happened at approximately 8:30 p.m., was captured on surveillance cameras.

Although the location of the woman remains unknown, police continued their efforts to locate her on Monday. Helicopters, lighting gear, and thermal imaging equipment are being used in the search process.

According to the Star, the two women were attempting to take a picture when the tragic fall occurred. The Niagara Parks Police Chief, Doug Kane, told reporters “The public is reminded that climbing over this wall is clearly dangerous and is prohibited by the Niagara Parks Act and its regulations. Millions of visitors have viewed the scenic Niagara falls and the Niagara River gorge while respecting the safety wall without incident.”

The Star also reported that during the search for the missing woman, the Erie County Sheriff’s department located the remains of an unidentified male in the lower part of the Niagara River whirlpool. Although under investigation, officials do not believe this male body has any correlation to the missing woman.