Teen Stabs Great-Grandmother with Sword

Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 14-year-old boy Monday after he allegedly stabbed his great-grandmother with a sword and then attacked and wounded his grandmother.

According to CBS, Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller said that when officers arrived on the scene the teen’s great-grandmother lay dead on the front lawn and the grandmother was barricaded in the home.

The young suspect came out of the house with a full-sized sword and a pellet gun and shot out two windows of a patrol car. Miller told reporters the young man continued to shoot at the officers with the pellet gun and was swinging the sword through the air.

Police distracted the young male with an explosive device and sent a K-9 unit in. The young man struck the dog with the bunt of his gun. Following this attack, the police tased him and finally took him into custody.

According to AOL, investigators say this is the third time this year that they have responded to a call regarding the teen behaving violently. During one of the previous visits the young man had allegedly cut his grandmother on the foot with a sword. The sword used in the killing of his great-grandmother was not the same sword used in the previous attack.

According the the NY Daily News, the alleged murder and attack resulted from an argument between the boy and the women when they told him to stop playing video games. He had been arrested twice in the past for violent behavior.

The grandmother has been treated at a hospital and should make a full recovery.

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