Chupacabra Caught In Maryland

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Courtesy: NBC/ YouTube

A mysterious, unidentifiable creature was caught in Maryland this past week leading many to believe it was the mythical chupacabra.

According to CBS, technicians at Prince George’s Hospital Center in Maryland were on a smoke break when they found a hairless animal hopping around. They started taking video and eventually got it into a cage using Chinese food as bait.

After taking pictures and videos, the group reportedly set the animal free. No tests were done, leaving the identity of the animal unknown, although many believe it is a chupacabra by its appearance.

The creature is described as being a cross between a rat and a dog and a kangaroo. It sports a long tail like a rat, has the face of a dog and hops like a kangaroo.

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Though the existence of the chupacabra has never been confirmed, many people have reported sightings of the creature over the years. Sightings of the mythical creature date back to 1995, when it was reported in Puerto Rico. Over the years, it has been sighted in Mexico and the United States. Reports of the animal surfaced in Maine, Chile and even outside of the Americas in places like Russia.

Last year marked the first time the “chupacabra” was captured. It was captured in Texas, only to be tested and confirmed that it was a coyote with a parasite infection. This testing led to the belief that chupacabras are only coyotes with scabies. In this Maryland chupacabra case, many believe that the animal in question is just a fox that lost its hair due to a similar parasite infection.

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