Seychelles Shark Attack Leaves One Dead

Undated image released by Wilderness Safaris on in May of North Island in the Seychelles a neighboring island.
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North Island in the Seychelles, a neighboring island of Paslin.

Shark attack in Seychelles-an archipelago in the Indian Ocean- claims one life. According to CBS/AP, Ian Redmond, 30, of England was brutally attacked by a shark in Seychelles this past week. He suffered injuries to his leg and arm and died shortly after the attack.

Redmond was on his honeymoon and was snorkling off Anse Lazio beach on Paslin island in the Seychelles when he was mauled by a shark. According to Huffington Post, Redmond’s new wife, Gemma Houghton, 27, witnessed the entire thing– Houghton and Redmond had married only 11 days earlier.

According to Sky News, Redmond was snorkeling 20 yards from shore when a six-foot shark attacked him. As he screamed for help, a man in a boat, dragged him to shore. The Daily Mail reported that Redmond, who was thought to have died instantly after the attack, was taken away in an ambulance 20 minutes after arriving on the shore. A witness told the publication that he had lost one arm, had flesh stripped off one leg and had holes in his chest and stomach from shark bites.

At the moment, the bride’s parents are reportedly on their way to the island to comfort Houghton.

This marks the second attack in the area in recent weeks. Earlier this month, a 36-year-old French tourist was bitten by a shark in the same area. According to Sky News, a Seychelles government official held an emergency meeting to discuss the attacks and released a statement announcing a ban on swimming, “With immediate effect, the Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration has issued a temporary ban on swimming or entering the water in certain bays of the island of Praslin and islands off the coast of Praslin.”

Officials reportedly believe the shark that attacked Redmond is the same “rouge shark” that attacked earlier this month. According to CBS/AP, Island officials have launched a hunt for the shark with the help of sealife experts.