Paula Deen and Anthony Bourdain Fight

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Brian Killian/WireImage; Jason Squires/WireImage.com

This is difficult. We love Anthony Bourdain. He’s a cool guy. He taught us that sushi is best eaten on Fridays. But we also love Paula Deen. She’s makes a mean shrimp scampi and an even meaner mac and cheese. And she taught us that everything tastes better with butter.

But our two favorite TV cooks are fighting and Bourdain seems to have started it by saying some harsh stuff about Food Network Chefs including Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri as well.

But Bourdain was especially harsh when talking about Deen, calling her “the worst, most dangerous person to America.”

Wow. He said that was due to her disregard for human health, which, we can’t exactly deny but hey, if you want to eat her mac and cheese every single day, that’s on you.

But, in fiesty Paula Deen style, she fired back telling Bourdain to “get a life” and that not everyone can afford a $650 bottle of wine.

So, what do you think? Team Anthony or Team Paula?

We’re going to play neutral on this one and enjoy some sushi because, after all, it is Friday.

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