Sitch vs. Fitch: Abercrombie, Fitch & The Situation


sitchSo, apparently Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino says Abercrombie & Fitch never asked him to stop wearing his clothes and they definitely didn’t offer to pay him. Because if they did offer to pay him, Sitch might have been down.

Pictures from the Long Island Jersey Shore Casting Call

The Situation was wearing a pair of Abercrombie sweatpants on Thursday night’s episode of The Jersey Shore. And when approached by photographers about Situation’s situation, he said it would be crazy for someone to pay him not to wear their clothes,.

“Call me up man!” he told TMZ.

In what looks like an attempt at marketing, aka a publicity stunt, by the retailer, Abercrombie issued a formal letter to The Situation stating they would pay him to stop wearing Abercrombie & Fitch clothes because it went against the company’s brand image.

A spokesperson for A&F told the media that the offer is extended to all Jersey Shore cast members.

But unfortunately for Abercrombie, the company vastly undermined the influence of the Jersey Shore crew among its teen consumers.

The day the supposed letter went public, aka was sent to the media in a press release, the retailer’s stock went down 9 percent.

That’s a situation.