HP TouchPads:Best Buy Selling HP TouchPads At Low Prices

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Paul Sakuma/Associated Press

Grab your wallets and head to Best Buy— At least that’s what most shoppers across the United States are doing this Sunday after news of low priced HP tablets being sold there went public.

Reports that Best Buy will be selling HP TouchPads at shockingly low prices surfaced after the retailer reportedly announced it was sending its stock of the tablets back to the manufacturer.

According to PC World, the units were originally offered through BestBuy.com in Canada and eventually sold out online but in the U.S., Best Buy retailers said they were sending their stock of the tablets back to HP. This news spread like wildfire and people flocked to stores to get their hands on the last of HP products.

Best Buy reportedly just announced that while it is still not offering the tablet online, revealed that it will sell remaining HP TouchPads for $99 to $149.

Just Thursday, Hewlett-Packard announced that it will end its tablet computer and smartphone products and may even spin off its PC division.  According to the Associated Press, HP also announced that it is in talks to buy Autonomy Corp., a business software maker.

If you’re in need of an HP TouchPad you can try one of the many Best Buy stores on Long Island. Click here to find out where.