Evelyn Lozada Tells Chad Ochocinco Fan Must Be ‘Married With Kids’

Chad Ochocinco’s fish tank bed / Boston Herald
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Chad Ochocinco's fish tank bed / (Boston Herald /ACRYLIC TANK MANUFACTURING)

Evelyn Lozada, the star of “Basketball Wives,” has responded to fiance’s proclamation that he would live with a Patriots fan to get acclimated with the area.

Lozada said “He wants to do it, so he will. But that fan better be married with kids,” reported Washington Post. “And it won’t be a female fan.”

That settles things as far as sleeping arrangements. Now Lozada will have to sleep all alone, well with the fishes.

Recently the Boston Herald, reported that Ochocinco’s Florida home complete with a bed that features a fish tank.

The stars of Animal Planet’ new reality show, “Tanked” were the ones who installed the two custom fish tanks, Wayde King and Brett Raymer and told the Heralds’ Track, one is right over his bed and the other works as a mount for flat screen televisions.

King and Raymer told the Heralds’ Track, “We made a shark tank for his living room and an arch tank for his bed, so when he sleeps he can look up at the fish.”

Lozada clearly appreciates the view. Chad tweeted about it a few months back, “@EvelynLozada stares at these damn fish every time before bed.”

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