Tareq Salahi “Devastated” That Wife Ran Off With Journey Guitarist

The Salahis (Associated Press)
091411 Salahi
The Salahis (Associated Press)

Last night, the Salahis made headlines after Tareq reported his wife, Michaele missing. Many wondered if it was just another publicity stunt staged by the couple that allegedly crashed a White House party back in 2009.

This morning, Michaele was found alive and well but Tareq wasn’t as happy as he could have been. His wife reportedly ran of with Journey Guitarist, Neal Schon and was in Tennessee.

TMZ reported that the band’s rep said, “Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together.”

According to CBS, Tareq’s attorney said that Salahi is relieved that she’s OK but devastated that she’s apparently left and told ABC that it’s premature to say whether the couple would get a divorce.

Earlier, Michaele Salahi called authorities to let them know she was OK after her husband reported her missing and sent out a number of tweets begging for information on her whereabouts.

Mrs.Salahi reportedly told officials that didn’t want her husband to know where she was and assured the deputy that she had left the residence with a good friend and was where she wanted to be, reported the L.A. Times.

Early Wednesday,  Tareq told officials he last saw Michaele at their home around 11 a.m. Tuesday and after receiving a suspicious phone call from his wife late that night, he called police to report her missing.

He later sent out two tweets regarding his wife’s disappearance:


“RHODC star is MISSING, Please RT, if u know any details please contact Virginia Police Dept or [email protected]… Michaele Salahi was last seen wearing a Baby Blue T-shirt dress with a silver glitter dolphin on the front and back thongs. #KIDNAPPED.”

The couple was once featured on “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” which was canceled after its first season, were most known for their White House party crashing. The two infamously crashed a state dinner at the White House, to which they still claim they were invited.