Russian Billionaire Fight (Video)

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Screenshot of Russian billionaire brawl
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Screenshot of Russian billionaire brawl

Russian billionaire brawl? Sure, why not.

Russian billionaire, Alexander Lebedev, owner of British newspapers, punched a man in the face during a televised debate on the financial crisis. He sent Sergei Polonsky, an ex-real estate baron, tumbling off the back of his chair.

Earlier, the program went viral, allowing everyone across the world to witness the intense war of words that sparked a shocking fist to the face.

The YouTube video’s caption read:

“A clip posted on the NTV television channel’s website shows Lebedev, a former KGB agent who has made a fortune in banking, landed a right jab to the face of ex-real estate baron Sergei Polonsky.”

“On his blog, Lebedev justified the assault by saying Polonsky had behaved in an aggressive, threatening manner throughout the debate. “In a critical situation, there is no choice. I see no reason to be hit with the first shot. I neutralised him,” the owner of Independent and Evening Standard newspapers said.”

Polonsky later published online pictures of a cut on his arm and his torn pants.

Check out the video.