Kate Walsh, Seth MacFarlane Roast Charlie Sheen

Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh during Charlie Sheen roast
Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh during Charlie Sheen roast

Who knew she had it in her?

Kate Walsh showed off her raunchy side Monday night during Charlie Sheen’s roast on Comedy Central.

She joined a gang of entertainers who couldn’t wait to berate Sheen on his past transgressions.

Walsh, star of “Private Practice,” didn’t waste anytime throwing some haymakers, and stunning viewers as she lambasted the much-maligned actor.

And this is how she started:

“I have to say Charlie, that you are an incredible medical specimen. I guess that’s one of the benefits of waking up at the crack of crack,” jabbing him with a joke about his drug habit.

The jokes got a little more personal from there, as Walsh took a shot at Sheen for his trouble at home. “You know what’s amazing, despite all those years of abusing your lungs, your kidneys, your liver, the only thing you’ve had removed is your kids,” said Walsh, who sounded like she’s been doing this for years.

Sheen smiled, took a deep breath and braced himself for the next joke.

Warning: Video may be offensive

“Admittedly Charlie gets a little confused sometimes, he’s the only guy who pulls a knife on a woman who’s already willing to f*** him.”

Mike Tyson raised a glass in the air after Walsh’s little joke, but little did he know that he was the source of her next joke. Tyson laughed off the joke as well.

The roast, or #SheenRoast to those tweeting about it all night, included jokes from Mike Tyson, Seth MacFarlane, Jeffrey Ross, Amy Schumer and Anthony Jeselnik.

MacFarlane, took it one step further, and joked about Sheen in the past tense: writing the former “Two and a Half Men” star’s obituary.

The much-anticipated Sheenless show returned on the same night of the roast, and it was perfect time for MacFarlane and his dead Sheen jokes.

‘Tonight on ‘Two and a Half Men’ they’re actually having Charlie’s pretend funeral believe it or not,” he said. “There’s no need to switch over, just wait a few months and you’ll probably see the same thing.”

MacFarlane whipped out a piece of paper as if it was Sheen’s obit, but joked that it was actually Amy Winehouse’s obituary, saying the two are one in the same. “I only had to change three things,” said MacFarlane, “the sex of the deceased, the location of the body, and the part that says a talent that will be missed.”

We’re guessing some enjoyed the lashing Sheen took.

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