Neal Schon Says Affair With Michaele Salahi Is “Like A Fairy Tale”

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091411 Salahi
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Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon have been making headlines all week and have finally commented on their alleged affair.

Journey guitarist, Neal Schon spoke on the affair to Daily Beast. He said“It’s like a fairy tale. It is, it really is.” And went on to say, “I’m very happy, very happy after waiting for her for 15 years. Now I want to get beyond all this media hype that Tareq has put out there. It’s really quite embarrassing.”

According to E!, the two have had quite the history. According to entertainment site, the two were dating in the ’90s while Salahi was also dating Tareq. She ultimately chose Tareq because she was sick and believed she would receive better care from him.

“I chose Tareq over Neal because I thought life would be less stressful living on a vineyard in Virginia,” she reportedly said.

She also revealed that the two were texting each other prior to running away together. Salahi revealed that she was “going crazy,” and ultimately “got on a plane by myself and I just went. I just walked away from everything.”

Earlier this week, Michaele’s husband Tareq reported his wife missing after not hearing from her but Michaele was found alive and well with the Journey Guitarist.

Tareq reportedly said he was relieved that his wife was OK but “devastated” after finding out where she really was. He later filed for divorce.

The couple was once featured on “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” which was canceled after its first season, were most known for their White House party crashing. The two infamously crashed a state dinner at the White House, to which they still claim they were invited.