Cupertino Shooting Update: Shooter at Large, Schools on Lockdown

Shareef Allman
Shareef Allman
Shareef Allman

UPDATE: Shooting Suspect Shot Dead

UPDATE 4:19 p.m.: Third Person Dead in Shootings

Police in Cupertino are searching for the gunman who killed two people at a limestone quarry where he was employed on Wednesday morning.

Shareef Allman, 47, arrived for a morning safety meeting at the Lehigh Permanente quarry in Santa Clara County, armed with a handgun and rifle before he began shooting at his coworkers, killing two and injuring six, police say. His abandoned car, a brown Mercury Cougar, has been located by police.

Hours later, schools are still on lockdown and SWAT teams are going door to door in the Cupertino area as Allman is suspected of an attempted carjacking and shooting after he fled the quarry.

Pictures from the scene in Cupertino

Allman had arrived at the quarry at 4:30 a.m. when he got angry and left, returning with the handgun and rifle.

Police say they are still searching around the quarry for more possible victims.

“He is armed and dangerous and on the loose,” sheriff’s spokesman Jose Cardoza told the Associated Press.

At 7 a.m., just hours after the shooting occurred at the quarry, police got a 911 call from a woman who was shot in the leg during an attempted carjacking by a man matching Allman’s description.

This second shooting reportedly took place in a parking lot at the intersection of Homestead Road and Tantau Avenue, according to KCBS News in San Francisco.

Authorities have warned the public that Allman is still on foot and may be armed with an AK-47.

Allman was a truck operator at the Permanente Quarry and also produced and hosted a public access television show for CreaTV in San Jose.

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