5-Year Plan Approved for NY Energy & Tech Programs

The New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) today approved a new, five-year program valued at $469 million for a suite of energy-related technology and market development (T&MD) programs to be administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

“Since their inception, NYSERDA’s programs have produced significant reductions in peak electric demand, helped numerous advanced technologies reach commercial availability or market adoption, supported the start-up and growth of clean tech companies, expanded the availability of energy efficient products, and supported training of essential clean energy practitioners and educators,” said Commission Chairman Garry Brown.

With the Commission’s action, NYSERDA’s operating plan has been approved for a five-year term with an annual average budget of $93.8 million. The extension approved today, known as T&MD, provides a renewed vision of the program as a means for testing, developing and introducing new technologies, strategies and practices that build the statewide market infrastructure to reliably deliver clean energy to New York residents.

The System Benefits Charge (SBC), which funds T&MD, was initiated in 1998 as a means of ensuring continued financial support for programs providing important public benefits that were historically funded through utility rates and could not be expected to be offered by competitive markets. In 2001, and again in 2006, the SBC was extended for an additional five years. The last of those extensions, referred to as SBC III, expires at the end of this year.

The new technology and market development portfolio encompasses programs designed to accelerate energy innovation through support for scientific research and market analysis, investment in technology development and demonstration, promotion of a clean energy economy through business and market development, acceleration of adoption of clean energy technologies and practices, and the incorporation of more rigorous energy-use standards in codes and industry best practices.

NYSERDA’s plan identifies eight separate initiatives grouped within three categories: power supply and delivery; building systems; and clean energy infrastructure. Highest priority will be given to initiatives having the potential to reduce usage and demand, increase reliability and safety, moderate wholesale prices, mitigate delivery cost increases, or diversify energy resources.

The Commission’s decision today, when issued, may be obtained by going to the Commission Documents section of the Commission’s website at www.dps.state.ny.us and entering Case Number 10-M-0457 in the input box labeled “Search for Case/Matter Number”. Many libraries offer free Internet access. Commission orders may also be obtained from the Commission’s Files Office, 14th floor, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223 (518-474-2500).



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