Betty White Music Video: ‘I’m Still Hot’ (Video)

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Betty White in “I’m Still Hot Remix”
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Betty White in "I'm Still Hot Remix"

There’s no question that Betty White is still hot, I mean at least “Hot In Cleveland.”

Apparently that’s not enough for the senior star, who released a music video recently promising that she’s still hot.

“I’m Betty from the block,” sings 89-year-old actress Betty White in a new music video called “I’m Still Hot” with British singer, Luciana.”I left my Emmys in my beatbox.”

Betty White filmed the music video for a remix of British techno star’s hit club anthem, “I’m Still Hot.” The remix was recorded for a life settlement firm called The Lifeline Program.

“I may be a senior but so what? I’m still hot,” she sings in the video.  The hilarious music video opens up with Betty in a purple jumpsuit visiting the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association petting a stuffed animal. No sooner does Luciana roll up in a stretch limo asking Betty to join in.

“Come check out my hot wheels,” asks Luciana, to which Betty rudely replies, “Will you turn that garbage off,” and “You think you’re so hot, check out Betty’s beat.”

The music video cuts to White being surrounded by semi-nude men, passing around cheesecakes and wearing a boa constrictor around her.

The song is now available for download on iTunes and reportedly, for a great cause. Part of the proceeds from the single will benefit the Los Angeles Zoo.

“I’m Still Hot” is one of Luciana’s hits—Luciana, 38, moved to the United States in 2011, after finding success in the United Kingdom. She recorded the song “I’m Still Hot” and released it April. It became the singer’s first song to chart in the United States when it peaked at number one on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Songs Chart.

Check out the video.