John Edward On ‘Anderson’ Video

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Picture 23Psychic John Edward appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show “Anderson” Monday.

Edward was on the show to perform readings.

Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress, socialite and member of the prominent Vanderbilt family, came on to meet with Edward.

Vanderbilt, a longtime fan of Edward was seeking a connection with anyone on the other side. Edward succeeded and was able to pull in a few of Vanderbilt’s long gone family members and friends. Most notable was her old friend, Marilyn Monroe.

“It’s freaky for me,” said Edward of celebrity Monroe’s appearance, on a later episode of “Anderson.”

“I was a friend of hers,” said Vanderbilt, who also confirmed to Edward that she had a photo of herself with Monroe during the reading. Anderson seemed more impressed that Vanderbilt was able to “freak” Edward out than the fact that he channelled Monroe. “I find it interesting that you freaked out John Edward,” he said.

During the intense reading, Edward also connected Vanderbilt with her son, Carter Cooper, who had committed suicide in 1988 by jumping from the family’s 14th floor apartment. He explained the suicide to Vanderbilt. “This was not something spontaneous,” he said of her son’s death and went on to further explain that it had been going on for a while.

Edward also connected with Vanderbilt’s fourth husband, Wyatt Emory Cooper, father of Anderson and Carter. Edward described him as “sarcastic,” to which Vanderbilt corrected him, “witty.” Edward also connected Vanderbilt with her ex-husband, conductor, Leopold Stokowski, with whom she married in 1945 and divorced in 1950—the couple had two sons.

John Edward is a Long Island native, who is best known for his television shows, Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country.  Along with his television shows, he is also an accomplished author. He has penned over six books including “After Life: Answers From the Other Side,” and “Infinite Quest: Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life.”

Check out the video.

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