Lego Man:Washes Up In Florida

Picture 12

Picture 121A giant Lego man washed ashore in Florida this past week.

Some claim it’s a lost Lego man, while others say it’s a publicity stunt—according to the Huffington Post, the likely candidate, a brand new Legoland theme park that just opened in Winter Haven October 15.

A Legoland representative denied involvement in the Lego castaway.

“This activity is in no way sponsored or endorsed by The LEGO Group or Merlin Entertainments, who run LEGOLAND attractions. Hope you’ve given Mr. LEGO Imposter his one phone call and an attorney,” read a statement by Legoland representatives.

The massive lego man reportedly washed ashore on Satasota’s Siesta Key this past week. He was pulled from the water by a bystander.

Many gathered to see the giant Lego man as he made his way on the sand. He’s around eight-feet-tall and weighs nearly 100-pounds.

A clue to who is behind this Lego man was found on his shirt. The shirt sports a message ,”No Real Than You Are” and the back reads “Ego Leonard,” which is accompanied by the number eight.

Leonard is a Dutch artist who appears to be a prime suspect in the Lego man castaway.  His web site features the same message, “No Real Than You Are” and includes photos and videos of Lego Man’s adventures around the world including one of a Lego Man washing up in the Netherlands.

He hasn’t admitted or denied his involvement but has responded via e-mail to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

“I am glad I crossed over. Although it was a hell of a [swim],” he reportedly said via email.”Nice weather here and friendly people. I think I am gonna stay here for a while.”

According to the Washington Post, a gallery of paintings at the St.Art Gallery connect Leonard to the Lego man. Many of the paintings depict Lego figurines like the one that washed up this week.

Right now Lego Man is in the possession of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office and awaits his owners arrival. According to the L.A. Times, if nobody claims him, he will be given to Jeff Hindman, the man who found him Tuesday morning.

Since landing on the shore, videos of the Lego man floating in the Florida surf have gone viral. Check out the YouTube video.