Herman Cain Bad Lip Reading Video

Picture 6

Picture 63Bad Lip Reading has claimed its next victim.

First there was Michael Buble who went from singing “I just haven’t met you yet,” to “I need a woman with a Benz looking to lose it,” and “Russian unicorns.” Then there was a slew of politicians like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann whose words were twisted.

Now, Bad Lip Reading has released its latest, a video of Herman Cain with Bad Lip Reading treatment.

“Before mighty Facebook, how would I have found Tom Hanks?,” says Cain in a Bad Lip Reading treatment video that takes video of Cain and replaces his words with other, more humorous lingo that fits.

In the video that is making its round on the internet, Cain goes on to talk about nachos and hogwash, state, “I’m hungry, give me a large plate” and then “Baby your breath is killing me, nobody will take you if you don’t stop stanking.”

Finally, Cain warns us to “watch out for these spiders and big potato moths.”

Earlier this month, someone else took a shot at the Republican candidate and made it clear he was not a fan. Entertainer Harry Belafonte shared his feelings on the “Joy Behar Show” where he called Cain a “bad apple” and an incarnation that is “totally false to the needs of our community and needs of our nation.”

Belafonte’s criticism came after Behar asked for his take on Cain’s recent comments that racism in this country doesn’t hold “anybody back in a big way.”

“It’s very hard to comment on somebody who is so denied intelligence, and certainly someone who is as denied a view of history such as he reveals, he knows very little,” Belafonte said in response.

Check out the video from Bad Lip Reading.