Anna Chapman Russian Spy Video Released

Picture 1
screenshot from The Guardian
Picture 1
screenshot from FBI video, via The Guardian

The FBI released a video of Russian spy, Anna Chapman. Chapman was arrested along with 9 other spies this past July—She was sent back to Russia as part of an exchange.

The videos come from an investigation called “Ghost Stories,” an investigation of 10 Russian spies who were monitored for over 10 years.

In the video, a letdown if you thought it was going to be anything like a James Bond film, you see Chapman shopping at Macy’s and sitting in a coffee shop in New York.

According to documents released by the FBI, Chapman is sitting with an undercover FBI agent who is posing as a government official. He had asked her if she could pass on a passport to another “illegal.”

A clearly uncomfortable Chapman asks, “You’re positive no one is watching?”

The video also features other spies. At one point, a spy riffles through bushes and picks up a bag. At another point, two spies are at a coffee shop, and can be seen exchanging bags from under a table.

According to The Guardian, who released the video in a report, says the video features the illegals “surreptitiously passing information and money as part of their operations, which included the use of spy tools as old as invisible ink and as modern as cryptographic software that hides messages in digital images posted on the internet.”

According to The Guardian report, the spies were sent on a mission stated as, “a long-term service trip,” to serve one goal, “fulfill your main mission, ie to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US and send intels to C [for center, meaning Moscow].”

Check out a video.