Today Show: Royal Wedding Reenactment (Video)

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For Halloween many celebrities donned impressive costumes. Kim Kardashian did an amazing Poison Ivy while Heidi Klum did the monkey with her husband singer, Seal.

But winner of best costume, and best production for that matter, was the crew at NBC. The crew put on quite a Halloween show.

NBC did a royal reenactment, reproducing the Royal Wedding.

Television host, Al Roker dressed as Prince Harry, though we weren’t convinced. Nor were we with Matt Lauer, who was dressed as Prince William or his bride, Anne Curry. Savannah Guthrie did her best Prince Charles.

One impressive costumed gal was Natalie Morales, who dressed as Pippa. From the backside too, she looked striking similar to Pippa.

“@jinete78 Thanks. Fun to be Pippa for a brief moment! Thanks to #SNL costume team and Today Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup for making us royalty!,‘ Morales later tweeted.

Kathy and Hoda impressed also donning the same getup as Beatrice and Eugenie even sporting the same show stopping hats.

But the best acting gig of all went to Meredith Vieira who did an amazing job as the queen, except for the fact that her wig fell off during a kiss.

Besides the costumes, even more impressive was the set, which was a great fake Buckingham Palace, equipped with fans waving flags and cheering—A Victoria Beckham impersonator was even in attendance.

The real royal wedding took place in April at Westminster Abbey. According to the Huffington Post, an estimated 3 billion people watched it worldwide.

Check out the video.

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