SNL:Rick Perry Video

Picture 5

Picture 54SNL is notorious for providing hilarious gaffes. This week is no different with the latest, a Rick Perry gaffe.

The six minute clip follows Perry on the road to remembering, trying to remember what he plans to do if he becomes the president.

The clip starts with a bit on Herman Cain, played by Keenan Thompson, who speaks on the sexual harassment allegations, and also seems to have a problem remembering.

Perry is then targeted by debate hosts.

“Tonight I’m feeling good and I’m really going to nail it,” says Perry, played by Bill Hader about the debate.

But things go from bad to worse when he’s asked about growing the American economy.

“The first thing I would do as president,” says Perry. “Is cut government funding. There are three agencies I would cut immediately.”

“Commerce, education and…” begins a forgetful Perry.

“Oops,” he says as he fails to remember the third.

“I want to be president, but not like this,” chimes in Mitt Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis.

Perry is pressed for his answer and after stripping down and having a back rub by Romney, he finally remembers.

“Department of Energy,” he says.

Check it out.