Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, Two (Video)

Picture 1

Picture 16Marcel the Shell is back!

The beloved little spunky seashell with sneakers and one eye is back in action as the sequel to his first short film has gone viral.

The character is voiced by SNL comedian, Jenny Slate and has quickly become a favorite among the masses since he first stepped on the Internet scene in 2010.

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On went viral in 2010 and thrust the little shell into stardom, garnering over 12 million views on YouTube.

According to ABC,  Slate and Fleischer-Camp have turned Marcel into a miniature multi-media tycoon with two videos, an iTunes app, and now a children’s book.

As a little tease, this week, the sequel, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Two was posted to YouTube.

The short film was directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp, and written by Dean Fleischer-Camp + Jenny Slate.

The short film features Marcel being interviewed at his home by a documentary filmmaker. He speaks about where he lives, what he does and how he feels.

The little seashell tells the interviewer how he rides a bug.

“You have to be pretty easygoing,” says Marcel. “Because you’re only going to get to go where the bug wants to go.”

“One week there was a maple sugar syrup spill in the kitchen, and every time I would ride the bug and no matter where I wanted to go, I would just end up back at the kitchen,” explains Marcel.

After speaking about nicknames, he dubs the interviewer,  “Windy.”

The cute seashell then asks one last question, ” Guess why I smile a lot? because it’s worth it.”

Check out Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, Two.