Conrad Murray Gets 4 Years in Jail for MJ’s Death

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial
Dr. Conrad Murrary Trial (AP Photo/ Kevork Djansezian, Pool)
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Dr. Conrad Murrary Trial (AP Photo/ Kevork Djansezian, Pool)

A Superior Court Judge denied Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, probation and sentenced him to the maximum of four years in prison to be served in the Los Angeles County jail for the King of Pop’s death in 2009.

Murray, 58, had been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson after a six-week trial that included more than 300 pieces of evidence, 49 witnesses, and a shocking audio recording of a slurring Michael Jackson that was recorded on Murray’s iPhone two months before the singer’s death.

The trial gave jurors, Jackson’s family and his thousands of fans around the world, a rare look into Jackson’s life and death in his own bed.

Murray will lose his medical license.

The judge also said that Murray will be ordered to pay restitution to Jackson’s estate and family at a hearing to be held at at a later date.

Murray had denied administering the fatal dose of the powerful drug propofol at Jackson’s Los Angeles mansion on June 25, 2009.

During the trial, the doctor’s lawyers argued that the pop star was addicted to the drug and said that Jackson administered the fatal dose himself. Murray had told police during the investigation that he was giving Jackson doses of the drug to help him sleep as he prepared for his highly-anticipated comeback concerts.

But prosecutors painted a different picture of the Houston-based cardiologists, saying that he cared more about the money than Jackon’s well-being.

On Tuesday, prosecutors said Murray was playing “Russian Roulette” with Jackson’s life by recklessly administering the powerful anesthetic. Prosecutors recommended that Murray serve the maximum four-year term.

Murray became Jackson’s personal physician while the singer prepared for a series of comeback concerts. He did not testify during the trial but did admit he gave Jackson propofol and other sedatives on the morning of his death.

“We will never be able to laugh hold or perform again with our brother Michael,” Jackson’s family said in a statement that was read in court.

The singer’s family added, “We are not here to seek revenge.”

Murray can appeal the guilty verdict. A recent change in California law will make it so that the 58-year-old would serve his sentence in a county jail instead of a state prison.