Santa’s List Day 2011: Are You Naughty or Nice?


santas listToday is not only a regular Sunday this week, and many of you probably have some cause for alarm.  No, it’s not Christmas yet. It’s December 4 AKA Santa’s List Day, the day where Santa scans not your wish list of presents, but his naughty and nice lists.

So, if you’ve been good all year, there’s really  nothing to worry about, just picture Santa putting a big ol’ check next to your name as he ponders ways to fit that brand new red Ferrari through the chimney and under your Christmas tree.

If you’ve been bad, prepare for a big wad of coal to drop on your head within the next few weeks.

Now, some of you may be doubting the legitimacy of such a holiday, but we assure you, it does exist, at least according to Holiday Insights.

According to these folks, Santa’s List Day was born in the North Pole and they have personally interviewed Santa and his elves to acquire this exclusive information. And there’s also some good news for you naughty boys and girls out there. This naughty list is only a first draft, so you still have time for some mea culpa before the coal drops.

Good luck and happy Santa’s List Day!

You’ve been warned…