‘Jersey Shore’ Season 5 Trailer (Video)

Picture 12
A screenshot from a clip of Season 5 of “Jersey Shore”
Picture 12
A screenshot from a clip of Season 5 of "Jersey Shore"

The “Jersey Shore” stars are headed back to television sets this season.

The reality stars were last seen partying, throwing punches, and serving pizza in Italy, where they filmed Season 4.

This month, Season 5 airs with the whole crew back in Seaside.

The new season looks equally as entertaining as the last, when The Situation hit his head against a cement wall, Snooki’s boyfriend left her after the first night for exposing herself at a club, among other things, with extensive partying to blowups and fist fights.

A few things for the “Jersey Shore” fan to look forward to this season:

Part 2 of the Snooki/Situation feud—The Situation, who was wary of coming back to New Jersey to film after a falling out with all the cast members, is seen causing trouble once again. The Snooki/Situation feud seems to be in full force. At one point, The Situation even hints at a juicy Snooki secret, saying, “I do have that secret and I’m blowing it wide open.”

In another clip, Snooki, says that she is meeting her boyfriend Jionni at the club, which means even more recipe for drama.

Vinny’s Exit—In the trailer, we see the totally unexpected; the normally drama-free Vinny, upset and leaving the house. And this clip, seems like Vinny may be leaving for good. Following his exit, the cast catches wind of the possibility of a new cast member.

Sam and Ronnie’s relationship demise—Nowhere during the trailer do we see or hear anything about Sam and Ronnie’s relationship, for a change. But following the wrap of taping, the two reportedly officially broke up, meaning that a build up to the relationship’s demise is definitely to be seen this season.

Check out the video.

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