Karmin “Crash Your Party” Video: Released (Video)

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Picture 31Karmin’s highly-anticipated “Crash Your Party” music video went viral this week.

“Who do you think you are, a super S-T-A-R,” sings Karmin in the new video.” Who do you think you are, you can kiss my oh my gah!”

Karmin, a duo that consists of Amy and Nick, first caught the public’s eye when they covered Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” in an impressive YouTube video that ultimately garnered millions of views.

Since then, they landed a record deal and have been creating original music. Reportedly, Karmin’s debut album is set to be released next year.

“Crash Your Party,” takes viewers on a tour of their apartment and delivers them to the big stage. According to Just Jared, the video pays homage to the duo’s YouTube roots, opening with a view of their Boston apartment living room, which was the backdrop for their Karmin Covers.

The funky video uses refrigerators and guitar cases as the gateway for the artists to enter different scenes.

“Overall stylistically we have a very strong retro and hip-hop influences, and used a lot of the hip-hop videos from the late ’90s and early 2000’s for visual inspiration,” the musicians told AOL Music of the video’s inspiration.

“You’re gonna huff and puff and blow the whole house down/ Don’t they know you’re the king of the castle/ The nerve of some people/ To think we’re all equal/ 911 it’s me to the rescue/ If I don’t speak who’s gonna tell you/ Oh yea I gotta let you know,” sings Karmin in their impressive new video.

Check it out for yourself.

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