New Record Their Stories IPhone App Released


IMG 3300Discover even more about your family with the help of a new iPhone application.

Just this past week “Record Their Stories” iPhone app, launched, allowing users to record their families and get to know them better than ever before.

The app can be used anywhere with anyone. It records stories with the phone’s built-in audio recording capabilities while featuring more than a 100 questions to keep the conversation going as well as a built-in edit suite.

“For the first part of my life I had the privilege of knowing my Grandpa. Born in the year that the Titanic sank, he saw the world change in ways I can’t imagine, as his family flourished over four generations. His stories were brilliant but I didn’t have an easy means to capture them, and now it’s too late,” said Neil Crowling, co-creator of the new app in a press release. “Today most of us carry a recording device with us everywhere we go – a mobile phone. I wanted to utilize that tool to the very best of its story capturing abilities, allowing people to gather their own family anecdotes in a way that’s effective, easy and fun.”

Record Their Stories comes with over 100 suggested questions covering a whole slew of topics, as well as providing a user-friendly editing device which allows users to stop, start, join and trim their conversations with the help of a reel-to-reel tape recorder simulation.

Additionally, there’s also an option to turn the recordings into a special gift, a professionally mixed version of the recording, by uploading them to the Record Their Stories website. Professionally produced and tailored CDs from the RTS team start at $160 per recording.

The Record Their Stories iPhone app is available for an introductory price of .99  to download.