Barbara Walters: ‘Most Fascinating People’ (Video)

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Picture 5Barbara Walters aired her “Most Fascinating” list last night.

The show aired last night on ABC and has been airing for 18 years now. Walters noted that she came up with the list with the help of her producer.

“Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011” aired for 90 minutes for the first time in its history.

It wasn’t the only first for the show, the person named “Most Fascinating” was too.

Steve Jobs, who was selected earlier in the year, when he first retired, was named the “Most Fascinating Person of The Year.”

Jobs later died after battling cancer.

“We have a number of rules that have guided the show,” said Walters.”One of them is that every person must be living.”

“He died in October, but we’re sticking with our choice, rules were made to be broken,” said Walters.” And that’s certainly how Steve Jobs lived his life.”

Simon Cowell and Pippa Middleton made the famous list this year.

“Here she was, nobody’s heard of her, her sister’s bridesmaid,” said Walters. “Because of that dress and that body, suddenly everybody’s talking about Pippa.”

Also on the list was Donald Trump, “Donald is always Donald. I’ve known Donald for 30 years.”

Walters said, “It’s great fun to do an interview with him.”

The Kardashians, Katy Perry, Amanda Knox and Derek Jeter also made the list.

Walters spoke to Perry about her interesting childhood, as well as her parents, one of which, was a drug addict. She spoke to the famous Yankee about his childhood and growing up with one black parent and one white. Walters also spoke to the reality stars from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

“I think more people have criticized us for having the Kardashians on, last year we had ‘Jersey Shore’ but they didn’t seem to mind that,” said Walters. “The Kardashians are larger than life, nothing is private.”

“We talk about everything from the sex tapes to that marriage,” noted Walters of the interview.

Another controversial pick was Herman Cain. Walters asked the man she described as charming, “Do you think that any of the candidates would honestly choose you as a running mate?”

“I honestly don’t think that they would,” he answered. “Because the spin of the spin would start all over again.”

Check out Walters’ segment on Steve Jobs.
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Check out Derek Jeter’s segment.
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