‘Let It Snow’ on Google

Let it snow

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Really miss the snow?

Well, Google is doing everything it can to help with that.

According to Mashable, when the words “let it snow” are typed into the search box on Google, all of a sudden a snow storm hits the Internet.

So we tried it—and it worked.

When those three magical words are first typed into the search engine you see videos for “Let it Snow.” But you have to be patient. After a few seconds, snowflakes start coming down and a fog rolls in. It gets so foggy at one point that you are forced to hit the “defrost” button to clear up the webpage. Now only if shoveling was that easy.

But that’s not all: let the screen completely fog up and hold on to the mouse and move the pointer in all directions. Just think back to when you were a bored kid in the backseat of your parent’s car when the windows got all fogged up. Of course, you took your finger and drew smiley faces or wrote your initials in the window. Well, bring back your inner-child and do that on Google.

Even when the defrost button takes away the fog, snow still continues to fall from the Internet cloud.

Google isn’t a rookie when it comes to tricks. In recent years, the search engine giant has become more interactive, offering Google Doodle’s to mark anniversaries, birthday’s and historical events.