Long Islander Releases Christmas Album


51RyPcSPUNLLong Islander Henry Golis Jr., owner of Long Island’s Park Lane Drive Records, is spreading some Christmas cheer by producing his own Christmas album: Friends of Henry Golis Wish You a Merry Christmas. 

The album consists of 10 original songs composed by Ted Golis and Bill Golis all of which are packed with Christmas spirit. The first song “Christmas Lights,” by Larry Foster, expresses the intimate story of Christmas. To further amplify the beauty of Christmas, Dick Heatherton narrates the “Christmas Lights” to soothing background music on the following track.

By the fifth song, “Santa Claus is On His Way” by Foster, the album begins to splinter away from the warm Christmas music.

“Santa You Forgot About Me Last Year,” seems to be the catchiest of them all. This lovable, upbeat song by the historic Jordanaires could become a classic Christmas jingle that gets stuck in your head for days.

The Jordanires, who were featured as the background vocals for the majority of the songs, also sung “The Chapel on the Hill” which emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas throughout the song.

The gifted Tahlia Fuller concludes the holiday album with outstanding vocals in the song “It Will Be a Merry Christmas” as it ties in the perfect amount of talent and holiday cheer. Henry Golis and his friends would be the ideal compliment to holiday baking with the family or a Christmas party as it certainly spreads the Christmas cheer.