Mall of America Riot (Video)

Picture 210The Mall of America was a hostile place to be this week.

No, it wasn’t because last minute shoppers were looking to scoop up extra savings on late Christmas gifts, instead, they were reportedly rushing to the mall after rumors that Lil Wayne and Drake were inside spread.

A riot broke out inside the mall Monday. The fight began shortly after 4 p.m. the day after Christmas in one of the mall’s food courts.

According to KDVR, a mall spokesperson said around 50 people began fighting in the food court, which eventually spilled into the general shopping area.

As we previously reported, officials said that the brawl was between more than 20 young people and the chaos quickly spread through the mall.

It ultimately took security along with police, over an hour to break up the fights.

In total, nine people were arrested at the Minneapolis mall following Monday’s melee. The arrests involved suspicion of disorderly conduct and were reportedly all young adults or juveniles.

Videos of Monday’s madness popped up across the Internet showing people pushing and punching each other, some can even be seen tossing chairs in the food court.

Although the fights are rumored to have been sparked by word that the rappers would be visiting, investigators reportedly maintain that they still don’t know what prompted the fights and that it’s unknown at this time if the fights were organized.

Check out the video (NSFW).