Tim Howard Goal [Video]


That’s the only way to describe Everton goalie Tim Howard’s goal Wednesday night.

Yeah, you heard us right—a goalie scored a goal. And he actually feels bad about it. But before we get into that, here’s what happened.

With no score and 62 minutes into the match, Howard jogged up to the ball that was coming in his direction and kicked it toward the other side of the field about 100 yards.

What happened next was truly a sight to see.

The ball took one huge bounce—with the help from the wind—and flew over the goalie’s arms as he back peddled, and the ball bounced into the net. An Everton player can be seen extending his arms in celebration, while the opposing goalie could only lie down on the ground after the scoreless tie was broken.

It wasn’t the goalie’s fault; the ball took an extreme bounce before it landed safely in the net.

Howard’s teammates sprinted to his side of the field to offer congratulatory hugs, but he didn’t seem to bask in the glory. And after the match, Howard explained that he felt bad about the events because it’s a tough position for a goalie to be in.

“I was delighted that we were in the lead and would hopefully go on to get three points, but it’s not a nice feeling for a keeper. It’s really awful actually,” Howard told Sky Sports.

“For the back four and the goalkeepers at both ends, there was an awful wind swirling,” he continued. “You could see everybody was mistiming balls. Defenders were missing clearances that normally they would put up the field. I think the wind is the hardest condition to play in. Snow, rain, sun doesn’t matter, but the wind really does play tricks on you.”

He also said that he spoke to the opposing goalie, Adam Bodgan, after the match, and said, “I was feeling for him.”

So much so, that he didn’t want to celebrate the rare goal.