UCLA Marriage Proposal Fail (Video)

Picture 1

Picture 12What’s worse than getting turned down? Getting turned in front of an arena full of fans and it being televised on the Internet after.

This happened at a recent UCLA basketball game, when a fan was left on his knee as his female partner turned down his proposal.

It all went down while the “Mistletoe Cam” was scanning the arena, trying to capture fans kissing. After a few kisses captured, the Mistletoe Camera captured much more.

“What’s going on? Wait a minute, this might be a little more than a kiss,” said the announcer as the camera focused on a man standing up.

“I knew that I was going to do this the first day I met you,” said a male fan as he bent down on one knee. “And now’s a good a time as ever.”

He asked a female fan sitting next to him “Will you marry me” as he popped open a box with a ring waiting inside. To everyone’s surprise, the woman took one look at a ring and shook her head. The announcer edged the microphone toward her as if to get her feelings, but she pushed it away and ran off.

“Sometimes people get camera shy, I understand it happens,” said the announcer trying to comfort the male fan who was still on his knee as the woman ran out of the arena.

“Where’s our mistletoe cam?” she said trying to divert attention from the failed engagement attempt.

A video of the proposal fail went viral and has since proved to be quite popular, garnering over 2 million views since it was posted Monday.

Check it out.