Bungee Cord Snaps: Bungee Jumper Plunges Into Crocodile-Infested River (Video)

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Picture 5Many forgo taking to the air attached to a bungee cord on their vacation in fear that the unthinkable will happen. For one Australian student, it did.

A girl’s worst nightmare came true when she leaped from a bridge in Africa recently. Her cord snapped and sent her spiraling into the crocodile infested rapids below.

Erin Laung Worth jumped from Victoria Falls Bridge, which is about 111m above a Zimbabwe river. The river is reportedly infested with crocodiles and has dangerous rapids.

Worth was midway down the jump when the cord can be seen snapping and Worth plunging into the waters below.

“It went black straight away,” said Worth during a recent interview. “And it felt like I had been slapped all over.”

The worst part was her legs were still tied at the time and was being dragged downstream. In the interview, the student notes she had to swim down and yank the bungee cord that was caught on something at one point, almost leaving her to drown. Luckily, she freed herself and managed to swim toward the rocks and wait for help to arrive.

Although Worth sustained minor injuries, she was transported to a local hospital and then transfered to a South African hospital for treatment.

“It’s definitely a miracle that I survived,” Worth told the interviewer.

Check out the video.