Schticky Infomercial Released (Video)

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Who could forget the Sham Wow? Well, if you happen to forget the product Vince famously hawked through numerous infomercials, he’s back.

Vince has stepped back on the scene to introduce the world to another equally unforgettable product, thanks to his newest and possibly most humorous infomercial yet.

The new product is called the Schticky and Vince does an amazing job of describing it in a new informercial. The infomercial popped up on YouTube this past week and has quickly become quite the hit.

“This is the highest quality produced short form informercial of its time,” reads the YouTube caption.

The commercial was reportedly produced by Vince Offer’s company Square One Entertainment Inc., written by Vince Offer, Ken Pringle and Dante, and produced by Bob Shapiro and Ken Pringle.

In the infomercial, the humorous host boasts, “Ladies, you always want to stick it to your husband,” as he holds up the new product and says, “Now you can.”

“It’s slippery when wet, sticky when dry,” describes Vince of the new product that resembles a lint roller but is made of a “special kind of silicon.”

The Schticky promises to pick up almost everything from cat hair to bugs and pennies. Vince demonstrates picking up a bug crawling on his wall. Just as he throws the Schticky to the wall, his friend walks in and acts as if he caught him in a private act, stating, “Oh, you’re playing with your Schticky, I’m sorry.”

In another humorous scene, a flight attendant uses the product on a flight patron. Vince narrates, “Use Schticky anytime, anyplace and with anyone.” He also throws in a funny line when noting the sizes available (there are three), saying, “You’re gonna like the little Schticky but you’re going to love the big Schticky.”

Probably the most humorous part of the infomercial is when Vince pokes fun at his own arrest—He was arrested in Florida after allegedly beating up a prostitute who reportedly stole money from him— by posing with the product in a mugshot.

Check it out.