Lion Tries To Get Girl At Wellington Zoo (Video)

Picture 11

Picture 111Sophia Walker went face to face with king of the jungle this past week, and has a video to prove it.

Of course there’s a thick safety glass sitting between the two.

“Nerves of steel and safety glass are what you need when face to face with a lion,” reads the YouTube caption of the video.

Three-year-old, Sophia Walker had a close encounter with one of the Wellington Zoo’s lions recently.

“Sophia’s mum filmed the interaction with the little girl barely flinching in her face off with six year old lion Malik. Zoo staff say Sophia was never in any danger with the enclosure glass thirty three millimetres thick and designed not to shatter or break,” read the YouTube video caption.

Walker was up against Malik, a 7-year-old lion. Malik is one of five lions at the zoo. He along with his brother Zulu are the only males who share their enclosure with females, Djane, Djembe and Zahra.

Walker’s mom caught the staring contest on video and her dad later uploaded it to the Internet.

“She’s always had this quiet confidence with animals, but she’s certainly more confident with a lion than I would be, that’s for sure,” said Julian Walker, Sophia’s dad, to NZ HeraldHe also noted that she was unfazed by the huge lion.

Check it out.