‘My First Hardcore Song’ Goes Viral (Video)

Picture 9

Picture 92Viewers met feisty 8-year-old Juliet this past week when she released a music video called “My First Hardcore Song.”

“Get your two step on,” she sings. “My name is Juliet.”

Oh and don’t forget, Juliet loves her dog Robert and her fishes too.

The video takes viewers along for quite a ride, as Juliet climbs trees and jumps on a trampoline with her stuffed animals. Juliet shows off her best windmills, and waves her hair as she hangs upside down at a playground in the video that’s becoming quite the hit on YouTube.

Many have taken a liking to the 8-year-old Australian’s first hardcore song that lasts a little under a minute—Over 11 million have viewed it since it was uploaded January 19.

According to the Huffington Post, the video was shot and edited by Juliet’s mom. According to the video’s caption, Juliet teamed up with producer and reported family friend, Rob Sharpe to create the video that “takes you on a journey of her love for her dog, Robert and how her pet fish stink even though Juliet has zero sense of smell.”

“The Australian Hardcore scene will never be the same,” reads the caption. You hear that Led Zeppelin? Guns N’ Roses?

Check it out.