‘The Grey’ Tops Box Office on Friday

The Grey
The Grey (YouTube)
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The Grey (YouTube)

It looks like the battle between man vs. wolf was enough to drive moviegoers to theaters on Friday, with Liam Neeson’s new action-adventure film taking the No. 1 spot at the box office on Friday.

“The Grey,” earned $6.5 million, according to early estimates from the box office tracking website Box Office Mojo.

The man-versus-wolf adventure featured in “The Grey,” takes viewers into another film that includes an unlucky group of people who have to survive in the wilderness or, well, you know what may happen if they don’t.

Neeson’s new adventure had just enough juice to beat out the No. 2 movie on the day, “One For the Money,” starring Katherine Heigl, who plays an out of work Jersey girl who tries to get a job at her cousins bail bonding company.

Both films premiered on Friday, one with favorable reviews and the other that didn’t really find a place in the hearts of those who review movies.

Critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave “The Grey” a 78 percent rating and Heigl’s movie a lousy 4 percent.

“One for the Money,” however, got decent reviews from moviegoers, according to Rotten Tomatoes, and brought in $4.1 million on Friday.

In third place was “Underworld Awakening,” featuring Kate Beckinsale.

The fourth-installment of “Underworld,” was released last week and has already earned $36 million.

Taking the fourth spot on Friday was “Red Tails,” with $2.8 million and trailing just behind was “Man on a Ledge,” with $2.5 million.